3DH Introduction by Meister

The 3DH project was launched on April 6th with an introduction by Jan Christopher Meister and a first lecture by Erik Champion (see next entry).

Chris Meister introduced the 3DH project by talking about the title (Three-Dimensional Dynamic Data) and the design process that led to the visual identity. The goal of the project is to,

Establish a methodological and theoretical orientation as well as to develop prototypes of visualization tools as demonstrators.

The idea is to go beyond visualizations as informative and develop models for exploration and reflection. Meister is fascinated by visualization as something that generates knowledge. Some of the components that have been brought together by 3DH include:

  • Lecture series and guest lectures
  • A blog (this one) and wiki exchange
  • Publications and presentations
  • “Proof of concept” implementations
  • Taxonomy of visualization tools and models
  • Systematic literature review
  • Analysis of use cases

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