Special Lecture on June 27th:

Marian Dörk: Visualisierung kultureller Sammlungen: Experimentelle Sichtbarmachung des digitalisierten Kulturerbes

Venue: Von-Melle-Park 6, Phil F – Time: 6pm – 8pm



Special Lecture on June 6th:

Johanna Drucker: New Dimensions in Humanities Visualization

Venue: Phil 1331 – Time: 4pm – 6pm

During the Summer semester 2016 our research activities and workshops are coordinated with a number of public events, in particular the introductory lecture series titled “A word says more than a thousand pictures: Dynamic Data Visualization”:

With the advent of Digital Humanities methodologies the visualization of Humanities data has become more and more prominent. However, once the “wow-effect” of a “cool” visualization – such as a pie-chart, a word cloud, a diagram etc. – has worn off many Humanists begin to react with scepticism: is it worth the trouble? Doesn’t a “word say more than a thousand pictures”? Their scepticism seems justified:  Most of the current visualization paradigms are derived from engineering and mathematics oriented applications. Most of them are context blind, a-historical and driven by an epistemology that reduces complex phenomena to a series of “data points” – which is exactly the opposite of how Humanists tend to look at their field of interest. – In this lecture series international visualization experts will explore new, philosophically and cultural history informed approaches to Humanities data visualization that respond to the Humanities” needs.

The lectures are on Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm in ESA J.

The following presentations from this series are currently available, mostly as podcasts on Hamburg University’s Lecture to Go platform: